I would absolutely LOVE to meet you in person. I love sharing God’s practical and biblical wisdom on life, doing podcast interviews, live q&a’s, sharing stories, laughing, and discussing marriage and the mom life. My husband, Matthew, and I are also available to come as a team for retreats and conferences as well to discuss marriage and/or parenting.


  • Parenting 101: How to raise world changers (with Matthew & Sabrina)

  • Affair-proof Your Marriage (with Matthew & Sabrina)

  • Rules to the Knife Fight: How to fight right in marriage (with Matthew & Sabrina)

  • If I Should Die Before I Wake: How to respond to bad news

  • An Enemy Named Depression: My struggle with depression and how I was set free

  • What Kind of Women Does Our World Needs Today?

  • Changing Your Atmosphere: 4 ways to change the environments around us

  • Which Beast Will You Feed? (A teaching on body, soul, and spirit)

  • The Desperate Housewife: My story to becoming healed and whole

  • Mother Knows Best: Three lessons from wise moms in the Bible

  • 3 Life Lessons That Have Sustained Me: A candid conversation with Sabrina

If you are interested in having me come speak at your ministry, conference, retreat, moms group, or event, fill out your info below.

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