Below are some of my favorite resources that have helped me become a better mom. Check them out! You won't be disappointed.

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Sabrina's Review: Two amazing moms...8 sons between them...and priceless advice. This is a 12 video online course that is reasonably priced (first session is free). I binged watched this because it was THAT good. Lisa and Havilah are super authentic and real. They give practical advice on a variety of subjects, all of which I found extremely helpful. You could do this by yourself or start a mom group and go through it together!

Watch, listen, and learn as Lisa Bevere and Havilah Cunnington share what they've learned about mothering boys.


Sabrina’s Review: In a day where right is wrong, left is right, and up is down when it comes to our moral compass, Moral Revolution is an incredible resource that gives us as parents the words to use and the dialogues to have with our kids at all ages! From age appropriate sex talks to discussing gender and homosexuality and everything in between. This is a MUST RESOURCE in this day and age.

Moral Revolution is a ministry who has developed resources that will help to initiate and shape conversations about morality and sexuality. Their goal in helping people to initiate these discussions is to alleviate the shame that is often attached to sexuality, and equip people to have informed, open and honest dialogues that ultimately lead to healing and wholeness. These resources include books, manuals, journals, courses, teachings, media and live events.



Sabrina's Review: This book REVOLUTIONIZED our parenting. But both mom and dad need to read it, get on the same page, and then together move forward in their parenting. I felt like this book was so balanced and so Biblically grounded. It taught me things about parenting and my role as a mom that I had never heard before. I recommend this book 1000%!!! 

Written for parents with children of any age, this insightful book provides perspectives and procedures for shepherding your child's heart into the paths of life. Shepherding a Child's Heart gives fresh biblical approaches to child rearing.


Sabrina’s Review: If you really want to be ready and prepared to have not just “the talk” with your kids, but how to set boundaries, how to talk about the dangers of pornography, and how to answer difficult questions, this e-course is worth EVERY PENNY!!! I seriously cannot say enough about how much I recommend this. Get it and start it TODAY, whether you are a single parent or both mom and dad are in the picture!

There are a lot of places your child can hear about sex. We think the best place is from you.

We believe you are the best person to talk to your kids about sex. We want you to be the one who shapes their view of themselves, God, and their sexuality. We talk about how to answer the difficult questions and how to start a conversation that continues on and ultimately leads them into a healthy, whole life. This e-course features focused content for parents of 2-11 year olds and 12-18 year olds.



Sabrina's Review: I loved that me and my girls could read these together and they could read them on their own. It gave us great, practical advice on things I didn't even think to talk to them about! If you have girls...don't wait another the link below and purchase these books! You can thank me later.

This special updated collection includes The Care & Keeping of You and The Feelings Book, plus two companion journals to help girls take great care of themselves---inside and out. Plus, she'll get a handy personal calendar, perfect for keeping track of important events in her daily life.


Sabrina's Review: About 4 years ago I attended a conference and one of the breakout sessions was led by the amazingly funny and super down to earth, Julie Richards. She is a great teacher and speaker. There are people in this world who we should glean nuggets of truth and wisdom from...Julie Richards is one of those people. And you will laugh the entire time doing it.

Fearless Mom provides a GUILT-FREE, JUDGMENT-FREE, SHAME-FREE environment, where each mom is encouraged and equipped to be the mom God created her to be.