Parenting With Purpose

By Meghan Robinson

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I remember sitting in my living room, trying to read my bible and have a quiet moment with Jesus while “Finding Nemo” played loudly in the background, and my one year old draped her legs over mine in an effort to make sure she did not loose physical touch! At the time, my husband and I were youth pastors and I was afforded the incredible privilege and “challenge” of working from home. My six year old was at school and I was sitting in pajamas talking to God about purpose. 

As I was praying, I felt like God dropped some big dreams and ideas in my heart. They felt out of reach and honestly impossible. I remember dialoguing with God and as I wrote the question in my journal…I whispered it in my mind; “God, what about my kids?” You see I had this moment of panic. Some of the dreams I felt like God was giving me for my life were big, and I never wanted to pursue anything at the expense of being a great mom to my greatest gift, my children. 

I will never forget that moment because it became a defining moment for my life, my ministry and my parenting. As I quietly whispered my fears and concerns to God, “God, what about my kids;” I clearly heard him respond…. “THEY’RE NOT YOURS, THEY’RE MINE!” Ouch! He was right. My two beautiful girls were not mine, they were not my husbands, they were a gift from God that had simply been entrusted to us for a season. My kids belong to God. 

As I continued to pray, I felt God challenge my heart that he had chosen me to be Brooklyn and Avery’s mom, which meant that the purpose he had planned for their lives was uniquely attached the purpose he had for my life. If I was to shrink back from the purpose of God on my life out of fear or control, I would rob my children of all that God had planned for them! 

This may seem like such a simple moment to you, but to me it was revelational! I’ve watched so many mothers step back from their purpose and allow their lives to become fully wrapped up in motherhood! Motherhood is beautiful and it’s a calling, but it is not your only calling. I’m afraid that unintentionally we have raised a generation of very entitled children and child run homes because of well intentioned parents who stopped pursuing purpose! 

When God trusted you with that sweet child you are raising, He was not shrinking your capacity, he was stretching it. You can be an incredible Mom while being a great Christ follower, wife, friend, leader, business owner or whatever it is that you are. Your purpose is uniquely connected to the purpose God has for your children, and they need to see you walk in it! They need to know that the world does not revolve around them but that there is more. They need to see you work hard to accomplish dreams, love your husband, be a great friend, all while raising amazing kids!  

This conversation I had with God that day has shaped our life and family. It has given us direction to parent our kids with purpose. It has freed me to say yes to opportunities that I might have otherwise turned down in an effort to be a “noble, motherly  martyr.” It has given us the freedom to go on vacation and prioritize our marriage. It has helped me say no to “keeping up with the Jones” and throwing my kids into every extra-curricular activity under the sun. It has taught my children that God placed us on this earth with a very important purpose and mission and we have a responsibility to live that well! 

To make sure we stayed on track and parented with conviction and purpose, my husband and I sat down and prayed about who God had designed us to be and what values were going to be crucial as we raised our kids. In doing this, we wrote a Family Mission Statement. I would challenge you to do the same. 

Our Mission Statement is this:
We will Serve God, Honor All, Finish Strong and ALWAYS Build God’s Church. 

This mission drives every decision we make. It helps us know how to coach our kids in relationships. It determines what we say yes to and what we say no to. We may not do everything that a lot of families do, but we were not called to be any other family. We are the Robinsons and we are raising two amazing girls to pursue purpose over convenience, culture, and comparison. 

Can I just challenge you today friend? When you became a mother,  you didn’t resign every other title or calling…you just added a new one. Take the time to pray and ask God what areas you need to step out in and pursue purpose. Develop a family mission statement and let it drive the decisions you make and everything you do! This is intentional parenting. This is parenting with purpose and you were made for it! 



Meghan Robinson is a dynamic and authentic communicator with Texas roots and a California heart! Meghan and her husband, Carey, pastor The Movement Church in Orange County, California! They have been in ministry for the past 17 years as youth pastors, associate pastors and now senior pastors. Affectionately known on social media as “divapastor,” she promises she’s not really a diva! Meghan is a wife, mom to two beautiful girls, church planter, pastor, friend, aspiring author and big dreamer! Her greatest passion is helping women identify the God dream inside of them and to awaken to their greater purpose! She challenges women to recognize the multi faceted rolls they have been given and to step into the fullness of God’s plan for their lives! She also loves seeing women in ministry connected, equipped and inspired and helps lead the She Leads team as a part of

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