One Lesson I Learned When I Lost My Grandson

By Rhonda Ihrig


Thanksgiving is almost here and all around are signs of fall…where the leaves turn bright red, then brown, and finally fall to the earth. As I look forward to having my family over for a big turkey dinner, stuffing, veggies, and of course dessert, I begin to think of all the things that I am thankful for. Yet in the midst of gratefulness, my thoughts are interrupted by the tragedy of losing my grandson last year. I must admit that since his accident, it has been hard to focus on what I am thankful for. The distraction of our loss encroaches on every thought. But as I prayed and mourned, the word “cherish” came to mind. My first thought was, ”Cherish what?” But yes, there is so much about him to cherish:

  • His laughter
  • His giving heart
  • The times he would say, “I love you Nana”
  • Caring for him as a baby
  • When we talked about the Lord
  • The times I cut his hair (he had great hair)

There are so many things I loved about him and I was reminded to always cherish the time I was given with Kaleb. I can honestly say that looking back over the short 14 years I had with him, I have no regrets.

I really love my family. But more than that, I have learned to “cherish” every moment that I spend with them, even when they get on my nerves. I feel blessed that I have been given many, many wonderful times with my children and grandchildren.

So my encouragement for you is to make the most of every situation with your children, all of the time, because you never know what the next day or moment will bring.

Don’t just be thankful for them, “cherish” them.