Laundry...The Silent Killer

By Sabrina Schlesinger

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For those of you moms out there who love to remove stubborn stains, fold clothes, and hand wash your delicates...this post ain't for you.

For the rest of us, who dread the never-ending nightmare we call laundry, rest assured, there is a light at the end of this deep...dark...long...and monotonous tunnel.

With four kids, laundry could easily take over my life, but with these few adjustments, I have been freed from the fangs of fabric softeners....and so can you my friends, so can you.

Here are four tips to help "lighten your load" (pun intended):


No really...stop stressing over stains, spills, shrinkage and lint balls. They are just clothes! Soon your littles will grow out of them and won't think twice about that outfit you tried to keep in pristine condition. You can waste so much time and energy on those small details that you miss the bigger picture...time with your kids...or better yet...time for yourself! So let that small stuff go! Tuck a few special pieces away as keepsakes and pass along the rest.


For all of you control freaks (I mean Type A personalities - I am one, so I can say that), this will be hard...but it will pay off in the long run. Perfect drawers do not equal perfect parents. News flash! No one cares what your kids drawers look like.

Instead, teach them how to fold and put away their own clothes. We started this when our kids were two years of age. It started with socks and undies and graduated to pants and shirts. A little coaching and training might make your chore a little longer at the front end, but remember, we are in this for the long haul. I am happy to say three out of four of my kids do ALL of their own laundry now, from start to finish, and have been for quite some time. We had them completely take over their own dirty clothes by the age of 7 or 8. We are working on our five year old now, moving him up that ladder of responsibility. (Because boys can and SHOULD do laundry too!! Can I get an “Amen”!)

And by the way, your littles will LOVE helping you out. They thrive when given responsibility. So do yourself AND your kids a favor...STEP AWAY FROM THE HAMPER. Slowly drop the Princess Poppy Panties and Captain America Underoos and allow them to put away their own clothes all by their big selves!


This one is gonna be short and sweet. With multiple kids this is a must, otherwise you will have WWIII on Sunday night when everyone is trying to have clean clothes for school the next day.

So set a schedule and keep the peace. That’s it. Told you it would be short!

Are your babies still too little to do any of the above....well you are gonna love this last one!


I'm not even kidding. For probably $10-20/week you could pay some teenager to come over to simply fold and put away all of your laundry! (Mind blown moment...I know!) That is $ well spent my friend. So hire a teenager, give them some spending money and gain some free-time. Just imagine, instead of folding the mountain of clothes that are going to be staring at you again in just a few days (depressing, I know), you could read a book while in a bubble bath sipping from your new MOMLIFEMUSTHAVE 20oz tumbler, or binge watch old seasons of The Bachelor in your favorite MOMLIFEMUSTHAVE t-shirt, you could take a nap in that same t-shirt because it's THAT comfy, or go shopping with your super cute MOMLIFEMUSTHAVE tote on your shoulder! (Okay, a little overkill, but I'm totally cracking myself up right now!)

The point is, invest in your sanity and stop thinking YOU have to do it ALL. I'll let you in on a little secret...there are no trophies to win for first place parenting, so give it up and let this part go. Be free sister, be free.


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Sabrina is a mother to three girls and one boy. She is a also a pastors wife, freelance graphic designer and mom coach! She resides in beautiful San Diego where the sun shines every day. She prefers chai lattes over coffee, mac-&-cheese over vegetables and staying in over going out. Check her out on Instagram and Facebook!


Sabrina Schlesinger

I am officially middle-aged! I have gone up the hill and am now SLOWLY going down the other side.

I am married to my best friend! No really! Our first 10 months of dating were spent entirely in group settings, either working along side each other in ministry or at our families homes. We never had alone time. We never held hands. We never kissed. So we had a great amount of time to talk and really get to know each other. We read books, received counsel from our pastors, discussed our strengths and weaknesses in front of our parents, and built a foundation of friendship that I am forever grateful for. And let me tell you...when we did have our first kiss 10 months in....there were fireworks baby!!!! We are approaching our 17th anniversary and co-pastor Grace Church in Oceanside, CA. We are living out or dream and calling side by side.

I am a mom of 4. We have three girls and a boy.

When we gave birth to my first girl, Sophie (now 16), we thought we were amazing parents. She slept through the night, hardly every fussed, was beautiful and easy. First child syndrome...I know.

When I gave birth to Mattie (now 14) nearly two years later everything changed. She was colicky from the start, she had red raspberries on her face that turned BRIGHT RED when she that was all the time, and as she grew, it didn't get any better. I seriously thought at one point she was demon possessed because her outrageous fits where over the top. I could often be found in a fetal position crying when Matthew, my husband came home. Little did I know then that Mattie and her over-the-top fits would be the catalyst for so many future ministry moments with other moms in desperate need of help and advice on raising toddlers...who too were crazy!

We thought we were done. After Mattie I was like, "No way, I can't risk having another kid like that! The only way I will get pregnant again is if God speaks to me directly, and I don't think He is planning that." Welp....I was wrong. I heard God speak to me one night as I was at a conference that we were to have a third child and He spoke some very special promises to me about this child. So out popped Lillian (aka Lily - now 11).

Lily wass one of those babies that everyone gravitated too. She had and still does have a spirit about her that is so welcoming, loving, and kind. People just love her and she loves people. I am so glad I obeyed the Lord on this one. After Lily we felt done. This time Matthew said, "If we are supposed to have any more children, God is going to have to speak to me directly." Fast forward 9 years!

In August of 2016 we were on a much needed family vacation, the five of us. It was at this time that God whispered in the ear of my husband that we were to adopt a child from our county. Matthew told me what God said and of course, I said, "Let's do it!" I will write another post about our adoption story later, but November 1st, 2017, at age 4 1/2, Shawn (now 6) came into our home and became our son.

I am a freelance graphic designer by trade and a pastor by calling, but I felt like there was something more I should be doing. Recently I asked myself a question..."What brings me life?" It was easy for me to answer. I LOVE helping young moms navigate through motherhood. I love giving advice to help moms get through tough and trying seasons of life. There is a generation of moms out there who have broken relationships with their own mothers and feel like they have no one to turn to. That breaks my heart. No mom should have to go through life alone with nobody to lean on. And this is where Mom Mentor was birthed.

So that is me in a nutshell. I am pretty simple, not high maintenance, a lover of mac-and-cheese and chai lattes, and slightly obsessed with all things dystopian. I am glad to have met you and I look forward to our journey together!

Love & Blessings,