5 Tips for Moving with Kids

By Christi Stone

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Recently, our family of 8... MOVED. Anyone who has ever moved just cringed. When I think of moving, a lot of unflattering words go through my mind…just keeping it real. The mere idea of packing, hauling, unhauling, and unpacking just drain my guts and times that by 8. BUT. BUT what if it doesn’t have to be that way? This move I purposed that it would be different and that I would in fact not only overcome BUT conquer MOVING.

So... here are a few tips I used.

1.     PURGE. Then when you think you’ve purged all you can…PURGE again! Separate into 3 categories. Keep, Donate and Toss. KEEP the things that are dear to you, the things you love and things that you use. Not everything I love is useful, but they do make me happy. Keep those things. DONATE things that are of no more use for you or your family or are just taking up space. In my family we found we had an excess of outgrown clothes, toys, and actual furniture we had collected. And finally, TOSS. Toss or recycle anything that is not worth donating or is broken. 

2.     PACK EARLY. Start packing as soon as you confirm you are moving, but leave yourself the essentials. Packing early helps with the guaranteed last minute details that occur when moving. It will also help with the purging process. When packing, I have found it is essential to start and FINISH the room you start. You will never have to guess what rooms you left off in if you start and finish in one room. 

3.     ORGANIZE. I am an organizer to a fault being a mom of 6 kids. However, I found that color-coding my boxes helped TREMENDOUSLY while moving. I went to my local Uhaul store and purchased pre-labeled packaging tape with a color for every room. Every room had its own color and labeled what it was and it made distribution of boxes super easy!

4.     TIME. Time is not a friend to any of us. Use it wisely. If you are able and you have finished the purging process, take your donations and your toss piles and recycle to the appropriate locations. This ensures no one is packing or hauling unnecessary belongings. Also, as it becomes closer to moving, start deciding what needs to go in the Uhaul and what can be hauled in your pickup or car. If you can, take little loads over each day to minimize the overhaul move. I took loads and unloaded boxes each day one week prior to the BIG move and it helped by leaps and bounds.

5.     BREATHE. Remember that this too is a process and there is only progress through a process. When it seems daunting and overwhelming…breathe and take a break. Run to your favorite coffee stand, grab your favorite drink, and relax. Take time for yourself. Your boxes aren’t going anywhere and there is no mandate to when you have to unpack. Go at your own pace and enjoy it.

These were the tips and tricks that helped the Stone family of 8 not only survive, but thrive during our latest and LAST move…hopefully for 30 years. :)  

Happy moving!!!!

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Christi is a wife and mom to six children through blended family. She attends and leads at Garden Valley Church in Roseburg, Oregon, is a published author, and founder of Just Be You Ministries. Her favorite drink is cold brew coffee and her favorite sweet treat is an old fashioned chocolate donut. She enjoys reading, traveling and hosting her friends and family at home. Check her out on Instagram and Facebook!